Mental health rant

Ok, so this is a first for me. I’m not a writer (I totally suck), neither have I ever ‘blogged’ before, is there even a right way to blog? If there is I am probably about to fail big time! Either way I thought I’d give something new ago, new year and all that BS, so to whom ever is reading this bare with.

It’s beyond hard to think positive and be genuinely happy when you feel like absolute sh*t inside and would rather be cuddled up in bed hiding away from the world. But outcomes the brave face just to satisfy everyone around you (family, friends, co-workers, tutors, ect) It’s almost impossible to function the majority of the time, but somewhere within those shaded thoughts and grim feelings I sometimes manage to find some motivation to get up and out of bed to do things. But when I don’t, I get mistaken for being ‘lazy’

LAZY?! If there’s anything I hate more than marmite biscuits is people that accuse those with depression of being lazy, or those who accuse anyone with a mental health disorder of being something they are not. For example accusing those with anxiety of being childish because they don’t want to go into the shops on their own, or because they don’t want to speak to someone on the phone. Telling those with borderline personality to start controlling their emotions, to get a grip of themselves, telling them to stop overreacting to certain occurrences and to stop behaving the way they are behaving. Telling those with ADHD to calm down, stop fidgeting or to pay attention. I’m sorry but we don’t go around and telling those in wheel chairs to stand up and start walking? We don’t tell those with physical illnesses to ‘get over it’ and carry on with their lives as normal, so why is it so bloody different for those who suffer with mental health disorders. Just because you cannot see them does not mean that those who have disorders aren’t suffering, arghhhh it grinds my fking gears!

And oh god do not get me started about the stigma around mental health. These days 99% of people either know someone within their friendship group or family suffering from a mental health disorder or are suffering from one themselves. 1 in 4 people, yes 1 in 4 suffer from a mental health disorder these days, but way too many of these people are being made to feel worthless. The way a person acts towards a person with a mental health illness really does have a massive impact on that person. Why are those with illnesses made to feel like that cannot talk about their mental health? Talking about it is key to recovery, making people feel like they cannot talk about their mental health can cause some serious problems and worsen their mental health. Being unwell from a mental health disorder is so common these days, its everywhere but yet still so stigmatised, people still make those who suffer feel shame, stress and disgust. It isn’t right, it really isn’t.

Why are people still doing it? Do they seriously not realise what it does to people? For me speaking about mental health is a no go in this house and it always has been, to be quite honest speaking about anything emotional is pretty much a no go. My dad was in the army and ever since he left I think it screwed him up a little bit not that he’d ever admit to that. I was brought up to be a ‘tough cookie’ never was allowed to show much emotion as it was deemed as being weak and being weak wasn’t allowed in this house. I suppose being brought up in that way took its toll and now I don’t speak about anything, even if I wanted to speak about my mental health I feel too ashamed to anyway all cheers to the stigma around having mental health illnesses. It is complete an utter B*LLSHIT.

But… There are ways to challenge the stigma, it needs to end!!

Firstly, educated yourself, then educate others. Learn the facts before believing the myths about mental health then share these facts, help educate the ignorant and judgemental ones out there! Take any opportunity you can to help educate others, Blog it, Facebook it, Tweet it, ANYTHING. Get to know those with personal experiences of mental health disorders, don’t flip them off because of the things you’ve heard about people with mental health disorders, a mental health illness does not define a person!

SPEAK UP!!! Speak up when the media display false facts. Speak up in protest when friends and family stereotype!! If you are one that has suffered from mental health illness(s) speak openly, don’t be ashamed or afraid. Embrace who you are, shout it loud and clear. The more hidden mental health disorders remain the more people are going to believe that it’s not ok to discuss mental health illnesses and that it is shameful. WHICH IT IS NOT, THAT IS TOTAL SHIT!! Everyone should be able to speak openly, it’s a VITAL step to recovery. END THE STIGMA!!

For those who are struggling with their mental health or find themselves in crisis here are a few numbers and websites you can use to access help or advice, if you feel you are in immediate danger go to your local A&E department, or contact your local crisis resolution team.

Samaritan number – 116 123 (UK) – available 24/7

PAPYRUS (0800 068 41 41)

SANEline – 0300 304 7000 – 4.30pm – 10.30pm

107 thoughts on “Mental health rant

  1. Your post sounds like something i would write, i almost had to double check & make sure i wasnt still on my page! Mental illness is a mother! Its the elephant in the room & I’m glad I’m not alone after joining this cite & blogging. The whole tough cookie, dad was in the military struck a huge accord with me & often times I question some sort of correlation. Anyhoo this was a great read 🙂 keep em coming!

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  2. The whole miltary father & being a tough cookie struck a huge accord with me i often times wonder if there is some correlation. Anyhoo AMAZING post. I had to double check and make sure i wasnt on my own blog because your post literally mirrors my mentality. Keep it up! Mental illness is real but we are many & are not alone 🙂 take care

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    1. I feel there is definitely a very strong link between the ‘tough cookie’ mentality that we’re encouraged to have, and aspects of our mental health. The whole British stiff-upper-lip outlook, Keep Calm and Carry On – these ways of being no longer work for us and just keep us locked in our heads. I feel I may do some writing on this topic soon, so thanks for the kernel of inspiration there, and if it’s something you’ve pondered perhaps I might have some thoughts to share you may be interested in 🙂 It’s definitely something a lot of people can relate to, especially having friends, siblings, parents or grandparents etc. who were directly afflicted by War (as a world we are all still shaken by war anxiety whether we realise it or not) so this is all very relevant and topical

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  3. I think people accuse others with a mental illness of being a certain way like lazy or childish because they lack a true understanding of the condition. Needless to say if they experienced what a person with a mental illness goes through every day I think they would change their ignorant minds pretty quickly. Also, some people just lack compassion and empathy, they make this world a worse place. It’s sad there is such a stigma about discussing mental illness, I am fortunate that I have a few people in my family I can talk to about how I feel although most of the time I don’t want to because I don’t want to bring anyone else down or make them feel negative in any way.

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  4. This is really spot on for me (and I’m sure everyone else who struggles with these kinds of illnesses).

    Personally, I think part of the problem is that people who have never experienced any of the symptoms that come along with mental illness don’t understand the severity of it.

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  5. An excellent article! Someone put it this way, “When will they [all those people ready w/ the ‘good’ advice to ‘Buck up, and get on w/ life’] realize? The brain is an organ, too!” Wishing you the best (whether you’re up to getting out of bed or not), A. ❤

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  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in August of 2015, and the diagnosis was so freeing for me. I’m fortunate to be able to keep it in check, without medication, and I have an amazing support system, too. I’m not condoning medication, though – I know many people who need medication to function normally, and I think that’s incredibly important.

    I look forward to more posts from you!

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  7. 10/10 Rant and awesome start to your blog! Thanks for the follow and liking my poems. all the best on your blog 🙂 You know, i wonder that one of the reasons mental health is treated and judged the way it is ( as a taboo) because a lot of ppl have mental health problems to begin with all the ego, narcissism etc to deny it on others and themselves


  8. Amazing and powerful first post. As you can see from the ‘likes’, you have hit on a topic that resonates with many. Thank you for speaking these bold words. You are so right in what you’re saying. We need to talk about it and take away the stigma.
    Prayers for you as you speak to many through this blog. You need to keep it up.


  9. Excellent post! I am interested in psychology and psychiatry, and naturally, in mental health illnesses. I enjoyed this post a lot. It may be a rant, but it’s a necessary rant in our days. I too wish we could just end the stigma and help people with mental health disorders feel accepted. Unfortunately, the way the things are now, we make them feel more different and misunderstood.
    Anyway, thank you for the great post! Keep it up!


  10. Clearly you don’t suck at writing or blogging at all. You’ve created a great space and people need to hear what you have to say (eloquently, I think). Your text and your ID photo reminds me of another young Shan we lost a few years back, so I’m delighted to meet you today. Great blog! Sincerely, Roo

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  11. What a read! I’m glad you got past those mental blocks of ‘oh I’m not a writer’ or ‘but I’ve never blogged before’ because you’re absolutely right, getting this sort of thing out there is so, so important! I’m going to check out the rest of your writing, you’ve got me hooked ❤ Keep it all up!


  12. This was really well written, and a great start on your first blog. I agree completely. Is it alright if I share this on my blog? It is a great message, and I would like to maybe get the word out a bit more if I can.


  13. Anorexia

    ​Your boyfriend traces your vertebrae,

    Climbing on , counting each step,

    Like it is a staircase 

    A staircase of bones,

    You slip like sand through his fingers.

    Your brother whose chubby cheeks which once you lovingly pulled resemble deflated ballons,

    The bags under his eyes – sacks of pain,

    His face haunted with the same illness as you , the same venom,

    The venom that seeps down from TVs and movies , from posters and magazines , 

    Venom consisting of perfectly slim people.

    And they will bury you next to your brother, 

    With the plaques screaming in pain, 

    The tombstones shall tell how you both were

    Loving children ,

    Beloved friends,

    Perfect victims ,

    To this capitalist world.


  14. You’re off to a terrific start here! Your writing certainly doesn’t “suck”; it may not be the most elegant prose, but it’s raw and real and direct. I’ve been dealing with depression for 13 years now. If you like, you can read my posts, “The .05 Cubic Ft. Cell,” parts 1 and 2, to learn my story.
    Oh…educate this Yank. What the hell is a marmite biscuit?


  15. Whenever I tell someone I have ADHD, they either think I am crazy and stop talking to me or they dismiss ADHD as a lack of self control. My brain works differently but it doesn’t mean that I need to be locked away or dismissed as a brat.


  16. I’m new to blogging as well. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to write. I think this is great!


  17. I LOVE how raw and honest you are in this post. And, no there isn’t one right or wrong way to blog, so keep it up. You are doing amazing. Thank you for sharing. I totally have gotten the lazy comments before, and they do not feel good!! I just try and remind myself that they do not understand how much depression takes out of you.
    keep it up. you are supported. and there are so many around you that understand.


  18. I am a retired/disabled veteran and struggle with depression/mental health. I have been prescribed more drugs than I can count. There is a specific stigma attached to mental health and unfortunately this won’t change over night. I recently created a website and my own blog as a way for me to journal my thought, photos, dreams, etc. I didn’t do it for anyone but myself and presently have zero followers. But you know what? t’s ok. I do it for me and not for anyone else.
    What I would recommend to others who are struggling with depression and/or mental health is to write down and journal. Whether online, or in a notebook. I find that it helps clear the head and calms me don from my anxiety and depression. I have now become comfortable going to local coffee shop and getting out of the house hone before I would not.
    Wish health and happiness to all.


  19. Wow! I think this was what I needed to write since a long time. I’m glad I read this today.
    ”But outcomes the brave face just to satisfy everyone around you” I had to do this today for my mom, even though I felt like just disappearing into nothingness.


  20. I cannot express how happy I am that you have wrote this! Thank you so much for raising awareness and sharing your experience. I suffer from anxiety/depression and I often was mistaken for being ‘lazy’ someone people have no clue. Thank you xx


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